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Al fresco candles & home accents in chic, collectible cocktail ware.

Tucked inside the box of the 12 oz Classic Candle you'll find a recipe for the Italian aperitivi that inspired your chosen scent.

  • Hand-Poured

  • Artisanal, Sand-Etched Glass

  • Made in USA

  • Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

  • A Portion of Profits Supports Conservation Causes

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Sempre Beve – By Terrasi Living


Being Italian born, I’ve always embraced timeless style, natural materials, and la dolce vita – the art of living well. And the European culture of objects made to last a lifetime is second nature to me. Sempre Beve products come in artisanal American-made cocktail ware that can be collected and cherished year after year. Our flagship Classic Candle becomes a chic stemless wine glass -- the new standard for contemporary casual lifestyles. The smaller Aperitini Candle transforms into a versatile tasting glass, perfect for wine flights or signature cocktails at parties and weddings. Our Hydrating Lotion and Liquid Suds become versatile frosted flasks for your favorite libation when you're on the go. And our On the Rocks scented salt crystals come in a handsome dish that will enjoy a second life as your favorite serve ware for olives, nuts or truffles.

Sempre Beve founder Ursula Terrasi outside her iconic luxury lifestyle boutique on Kansas City's beloved Country Club Plaza.

Sempre Beve founder Ursula Terrasi outside her iconic luxury lifestyle boutique on Kansas City's beloved Country Club Plaza.

Being Italian-born, I’ve always embraced timeless style, natural materials, and la dolce vita – the art of living well.
— Ursula Terrasi

The idea for Sempre Beve came to me all at once, quite unexpectedly. It was a glorious day on a very special trip to Italy. I was sipping an Aperol Spritz (a beloved Italian aperitivo) on a hillside terrace overlooking Lake Como, soaking up the magnificent Alpine scenery, the scent of wild sage wafting in the air, and the warm camaraderie of close friends. In that "ah ha" moment, I realized I wanted to create a line of candles that evoked the Italian tradition of aperitivi, a delightfully civilized ritual of before-dinner drinks to unwind at the end of the day and whet the appetite. It’s about taking the time to relax and indulge in life's simple pleasures. The name (from the Italian words for "always" and "drink") translates loosely to "Celebrate life every day." Each Sempre Beve scent brings to life the essence of an iconic Italian cocktail: Americano, Aperitivo, Champagna, Limoncello, Orangecello, Spritz, Vermuth and Acqua (unscented). The corresponding cocktail recipe is tucked inside each Classic Candle.


Sempre Beve products are manufactured in the United States using natural ingredients and artisanal practices. Our clean-burning candles are 100 percent soy with cotton wicks, and we source the finest white Himalayan salt, prized for its purity and healing qualities, for our scented crystals. Shea butter and natural oils are the base of our silky lotion, and our soap is formulated to pamper with a rich, gentle lather. Our American-sourced glassware containers are sand-etched by a German craftsman in Pennsylvania, so the chic frosted finish will not flake or rub off. The candles are hand-poured by an artisan in Kansas City.

 We went to great lengths to create packaging that is both recycled and recyclable with no waste destined for the landfill. A portion of our profits supports conservation initiatives with proven track records. The current designated recipient is The Nature Conservancy.   

 Because Sempre Beve products are earth-friendly down to the last detail, you can feel good about bringing them into your home and your life. So enjoy the party, savor the companionship, and celebrate life every day.